Pilot Tests Out His New Smoke System And It’s Spectacular

Pilot Tests Out His New Smoke System And It’s Spectacular | World War Wings Videos


Now That Is Beautiful.

In this spectacular clip we see a special P-51 by the name of Primo Branco. Professionally filmed by Tim Evan who is an avid warbird lover, we get fantastic interior and exterior shots of one of our favorites.

What’s more, the pilot, Eddie Andreini, was testing out a new smoke system which really ties this footage together. With the smoke, you can see beautiful trailing traces as the Mustang banks and rolls. Also, there were at least two other cameras attached to it, so you’ll see some unique shots facing backwards as well as from the wing. It’s just beautiful.

As for this warbird, we traced Primo Branco back to as early as 1958, although she was probably built some years earlier. She was first used as a crop duster and had steadily changed hands at least once or twice a year until her belly landing accident in 2006. She was again passed around and it took her about five years to be restored, eventually ending up with Andreini, the pilot in the video.

Sadly, he was killed in a Stearman three years later as he was a aerobatic pilot. He came came in too close while inverted and hit the ground. RIP Eddie Andeini.

Eddie Andreini P-51 ICAS 2012 from TimnEvan on Vimeo.

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