Put Aside Controversies – The Navajo Code Talkers Gave An Extremely Inspirational Speech

Put Aside Controversies – The Navajo Code Talkers Gave An Extremely Inspirational Speech | World War Wings Videos

White House

Code Speech.

The other day at an event honoring veteran Navajo Code talkers from WWII the President used a term that didn’t go over too well. This attracted the attention of headline news, stirred up controversy from ethics groups and so on and so on. However, everyone seems to be addressing everything except the actual speech from these heroic WWII veterans.

Let’s put politics aside for a moment and focus on the rich history of the Navajo Code Talkers and how they contributed to an Allied victory in WWII. In the early stages of WWII, the Axis Powers were successfully deciphering secret codes sent by the Allies in order to gain the upper hand in military strategies. So the United States thought it best to start using a language that the Japanese could not possibly be familiar with and sought out recruits who spoke the Navajo language.

In total 29 recruits were brought in who could speak the Navajo language to send and receive transmissions without their details being leaked. It went beyond merely sending secret codes, these men pulled their weight and fought against the Japanese on multiple campaigns to win the war. These heroes simply want their contributions to be recognized and their history to be preserved so others can learn of it.

“That mission is to build national Navajo Code Talker Museum. We want to preserve this unique World War II history for our children, grandchildren, your children, your grandchildren to go through that museum.”

– Peter MacDonald (Leader of the Navajo Code Talkers)

I don’t care who you voted for or what controversy was drawn up. If you are reading this website it is because you respect WWII history and I would like you to give these heroes the respect they deserve. Take a moment to listen to Peter MacDonald’s inspirational speech on Code Talkers in WWII.

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