RC 1/5 Scale Corsair & 2x Zero

RC 1/5 Scale Corsair & 2x Zero | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RCScaleAirplanes

A Great Trio

A Corsair and a pair of Zeros caught everyone’s attention during this 2017 Warbird Meeting in Oberhausen. They put on quite a show while flying relatively close to each other.

Watching these three planes take off is just pure bliss. It helps that this Corsair has such a gorgeous paint job, sporting a dark blue and white color. Not to mention, the Zeros also looked great.

The second Zero probably had the best landing out of the three. It was just so smooth and steady all throughout the landing. The landing was so good that it was even met with applause. You can’t go wrong watching these three RC planes up close – it is 100% worth it.

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