RC Air Show – Large Corsair Draws In Crowd

RC Air Show – Large Corsair Draws In Crowd | World War Wings Videos


Stay On Corsair.

There is just something about a remote control airplane and there is something even better when it has enormous size. The United RC Flights in Bayreuth, Germany is a paradise for lovers of remote control aircraft. Fans of RC planes come from distances far and wide to see pilots strut their stuff in the skies. This video, in particular, features a giant RC F4U-4 Corsair with an eye-catching green trim. Based on the famous WWII fighter the composite ARF 1/4 scale model has a Moki 250CC 5 cylinder engine.

Filmed by RC Media World they share their passion for RC planes through high-definition videos. Behind the Corsair’s remote is Wolfgang Rossegger who perfects every step of the preparation to ensure a quality flight. A huge crowd of onlookers knows the skill that Rossegger displays when he takes his planes into the sky. It may not be an actual warbird at a traditional air show but this RC Corsair is still amazing. The high-definition film from RC Media World is sure to entertain RC fans new and old.

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