RC P-51 Pulls Too Many Gs, Loses Its Wing And Crashes

RC P-51 Pulls Too Many Gs, Loses Its Wing And Crashes | World War Wings Videos


It Happens So Fast.

Flying giant Rcs is great fun, but when things go wrong, as with real planes, they go wrong fast. You’ll see a perfect example of that in this video that just came out on YouTube.

The uploader, tbobborap1, seems to know the owner of this plane because in the description he wrote, “poor old Andy hasn’t had a lot of luck over the past few years and it sure as hell ran out again at this show.” He was right.

Once in the air and in the middle of a maneuver, his P-51 Mustang lost its wing and just plummeted straight down. The result, of course, were hundreds of pieces on the ground that used to be the plane.

Here are some stats of this build:

  • A Hangar-19 Kit
  • Wingspan:89.0 in (226 cm)
  • Overall Length:77.5 in (197 cm)
  • Wing Area:1420 sq. in. (96.1 sq. dm.)
  • Flying Weight:26.0-28.5 lb (11.8-13.0 kg)
  • Engine Size:50-60cc

An important thing to note about this video, however, was their reaction. Typically, you’ll hear a bunch of curses and see people grabbing their heads or throwing their hats on the ground. Not these guys though. As the header picture shows, they were all laughing like they were having a good time. Hey, $#*! happens and these guys won’t let it ruin their day. 

That’s something to aspire to.

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