RC Warthog Dynamic Engines And Flares

RC Warthog Dynamic Engines And Flares | World War Wings Videos



The A-10 Thunderbolt II has long stood as a favorite among military enthusiasts. So many soldiers owe their lives to this champion of close air support as it unleashes 30mm rounds on anything unlucky enough to get caught in its path. The A-10 has inspired so many around the world and there have been some great tributes, such as this RC model that comes equipped with surprises.


The Barone Rosso Airshow is one of Italy’s most notable gatherings of remote-controlled aircraft. Kurt Tötsch stole the show with his fully functional RC A-10 Thunderbolt II. The gigantic RC Warthog rolled out onto the landing strip, revved up its turbine engines and took off into the sky.


There were a few unexpected tricks from A-10 as it unleashed that iconic BRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT. Then much to the surprise of the adoring crowd, it even unleashed flares as it rolled through the skies.

“The Flarebehälter are a completely closed connection-ready unit which is manufactured by injection molding. When using, observe the safety regulations and applicable laws. The flask containers supplied by us must only be used in conjunction with the FLR-30 ignition control.”

– Maxotronic

This RC A-10 combines turbines, flares, and weapons into a perfect package that really delivers. Check out the RC A-10 taking to the skies in this video from RCScaleAirplanes.

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