Battle of Britain Scene – Pearl Harbor 2001

Battle of Britain Scene – Pearl Harbor 2001 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Johnny's War Stories

History Comes Alive with This Epic War Movie

The action romance movie, Pearl Harbor (2001,) follows the story of two American lifelong friends who enter World War II as pilots. It’s a film of war and romance mixed with history. The clip features the Battle of Britain scene, and we got to say those Spitfires are definitely one of the most impressive fighters of WWII. We could listen to the Rolls-Royce engine of a Spitfire all day.

This has to be one of your favorite WWII air combat sequences to date, depicting one of the most awesome dogfights in film. It also made good use of the CGI and practical effects that hold up until today. Can’t believe that this movie is made more than 20 years ago!

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