T-6 Texan Takes Off In Style

T-6 Texan Takes Off In Style | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / HeliPylot

Everyone’s Favorite Trainer

This sleek-looking T-6 Texan looks absolutely unreal as it takes off from a grassy strip in Florida. Video uploader HeliPylot went ahead and boarded a helicopter just to watch these Texans take off one by one. 

YouTube / HeliPylot

As you can imagine, this resulted in amazing angles that showed off how awesome these planes are. The sound of its Pratt & Whitney radial engine was also a huge bonus for aviation fans. We don’t usually see these planes nor hear its engine that frequently!

YouTube / HeliPylot

Back in the Second World War, these planes were mainly used for training – but some were repurposed into combat roles when needed. This aircraft probably trained everyone’s favorite aviator at some point!

You can check out this rare T-6 Texan take off in the video below!

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