Take A First Person Ride In A Mosquito: Spectacular Views

Take A First Person Ride In A Mosquito: Spectacular Views | World War Wings Videos

Feast Your Eyes And Ears On This Amazing Footage

Warren Denholm strapped on an HD camera to his helmet and provided us with some of the best first person footage of the DeHavilland Mosquito. Denholm, a pilot and vintage aircraft restorer, has worked on this Mosquito for over 7 years and has been told numerous times that the feat is a far reach. Unlike Spitfires which have a restoration industry to themselves, the Mosquitos are hard to restore. Although restorers can find parts around the world, it’s very hard to find instructions and equipment to help in the process.

“Any pilot would crawl over broken glass for the opportunity to fly this plane…it will be a career highlight for me.”-Dave Phillips, Pilot

The two lucky men who have been given the chance to fly this newly restored Mosquito are Keith Skilling, 65, and Dave Phillips, 57. Skilling, who has been flying for over 47 years, considers this the career highlight for himself. Excited but nervous, the pilots felt honored to be given this opportunity, as it is not an everyday occurrence as you can imagine.

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