The Kitty Hawk Flyer In Action

The Kitty Hawk Flyer In Action | World War Wings Videos

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Somebody’s Having The Time Of His Life

This could be the future of personal flight. This just looks super easy to fly and not to mention extremely fun too. I could literally fly this aircraft all day long. Plus you don’t need a pilot’s license or any special training. If you have extra bucks to spare, you can buy one for yourself because it will be available by the end of this year. Not bad for a Christmas gift, right?

“When we set out to build the Flyer, we wanted to engineer a personal aircraft that’s easy to fly and accessible for all. We imagined simple controls and advanced electronic capabilities so that you could learn to fly it safely in minutes. We also wanted it to be 100% electric, and take off and land vertically. The Flyer would be so compact that it could fit comfortably in a garage.” – Kitty Hawk Website

Shut up and take my money – ALL OF IT!

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