The Scientific Reason Why Most Planes Are White

The Scientific Reason Why Most Planes Are White | World War Wings Videos

(Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images)

White Sky.

When you look up into the sky and see a plane it is very easy to see an airliner in the sky. The white frame contrasting soaring across a blue sky is something we get used to after a while to the point where we don’t notice them. But why are the majority of airplanes colored given the distinctive white coloring?

The primary reason for the white coloring of an airplane is about the energy uses while traveling. Essentially we know that white is much better for reflecting sunlight and that in turn helps with energy conservation. Planes that aren’t white have to use more energy to cool keep the internal cabin cool.

The other reason is that solar radiation eventually takes a toll on paint causing it to lose its color. So if a plane’s paint is going to lighten from sun exposure just make it white in the first place. Tech Insider provides more insight into the science behind the white color scheme of planes.

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