This RC Battle Is The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever See, But That Ending Though…

This RC Battle Is The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever See, But That Ending Though… | World War Wings Videos

FinalCutKing / YouTube

Between The Rcs And Cinematography, This Is Beyond Awesome!

Today’s rapidly advancing technology allows many everyday people to have access to very powerful software and equipment. Of course, it takes vision and execution to pull something like this off, but we’ve seen some borderline blockbuster worthy movies recorded on phones.

This group of youngsters equipped with some tech, RCs and their love for World War II and film, brought us something truly special. A World War II like battle complete with tanks, little toy men and one of our favorites, the P-51 Mustang which of course saved the day.

From the tracking shots to the mini storyline, this is one awesomely put together video.

With over 2 million views on youtube, these guys obviously did something right. By guys of course we mean that there was a team of them, as everything was pretty perfect (except for the sound of the P-51’s cannons, but now we’re just being picky.)

The team that composed this included a company called NitroRCX which contributed the RC tanks and warbirds. Then there was Mark Somerville with sound design and George Streicher who composed the music. Then at the end, a special FX team called VFX Bro created the final shot of the video, but we’re not going to spoil it for you. You’ll have to check it out for yourself.

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