Trying 1942 US Army Field Ration

Trying 1942 US Army Field Ration | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Steve1989MREInfo

Brunch On-The-Go

SteveMRE’s passion for tasting field rations has finally given him the opportunity to test the 1942 US Army Field Ration C B unit. For reference, these units are labeled “B” for biscuits, and “M” for meat.

To open the can, a key is found on the bottom to lift the tab open. Inside, you’ll find two sugar cubes, three Charms candies, a quarter ounce of coffee, five pieces of biscuits, and a key for the M unit.

The 75-year-old unsalted biscuits are made of whole grain and are as crunchy as a crouton. Steve was also surprised at how smooth and nutty the coffee was. As an avid taste tester of field rations, Steve has tasted a lot of bitter coffee in his time.

For dessert, they are provided with Charm candies in different flavors. In other versions, the candies were replaced with chocolate or caramel bars. Sometimes, the coffee would be swapped out for lemon or cocoa beverages.

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