UPDATE | Blue Angel Crash Footage Surfaced

UPDATE | Blue Angel Crash Footage Surfaced | World War Wings Videos

This Is Quite Painful To Watch.

We’re sure that most of you are aware of the tragic loss of one of our Blue Angels on June 2nd. Captain Jeff Kuss, Blue Angel # 6, was practicing with the rest of his time as he’s done hundreds if not thousands of times before. Shortly after takeoff however, his F/A-18 Hornet crashed.

Witnesses say that Kuss’ plane was headed straight towards an apartment building and it’s believed that he stayed with the plane to point it toward an empty field. That’s where he was killed but no one else was injured.

The investigation is still underway, and all near-future Blue Angel shows have been suspended. As of this time, it is believed that the cause of the crash was a mechanical failure, although results are yet to be determined.

As for the crash, no footage surfaced until now. As this took place during practice, cameras were not rolling as they typically do. Matthew Burns of Smyrna, TN however, got footage of it from a distance way.

What is particualarly heartbreaking about his though, is seeing the rest of the Blue Angels fly right over the billowing smoke. That must have been really hard for them.

RIP Captain Kuss. Semper Fi.

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