SAAB SK37 Viggen display at Stord Airshow 2018

SAAB SK37 Viggen display at Stord Airshow 2018 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / StordLufthamn

A Lovely Piece of Swedish Engineering

This video features the highlights from the SAAB SK37 Viggen display at the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, during the Stord Airshow 2018.

This was the first display of the two-seat aircraft after nearly sitting nearly a decade at the hangar since it retired from service in 2007 in the Swedish Air Force.

It’s pretty impressive that this Viggen I still flying! What a unique aircraft, and also an excellent example of what the Swedish aviation industry can build. And the roar of the Viggen’s engine I insanely load, not to mention, it’s highly maneuverable and an extremely good looking plane. Truly, Swedish jets are indeed works of art.

Do you think this aircraft is far ahead of its time? Let us know your thoughts!

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