Whistle Sound “P-51 Mustang vs Spitfire”

Whistle Sound “P-51 Mustang vs Spitfire” | World War Wings Videos

Two Of The Best Aircraft Produced In World War 2

In any theater in the World War 2, invasion was only possible after establishing air superiority and this can be done with nothing less than the most powerful aircraft. When the Royal Air Force (RAF) realized that their losses were great during daylight attacks, they turned to night bombing. The earlier version of P-51 Mustangs contained Allison engine which made it fast but still allowed it to perform best in low altitudes only. It was eventually used as a low level reconnaissance since during the war in Europe, air combat happened in higher altitudes.

  • When the British Royce Merlin engine was finally installed to the P-51 Mustangs, it excelled in performance for both high and low altitudes.
  • Its unit cost was US$50,985 in 1945.

Spitfire, on the other hand, used the Merlin 60/70 series engine. When the Mk IX was manufactured, it had impressive features. Its rate of climb was at 4,000 feet per minute and at 28,000 feet; its top speed was at 409 mph.

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