Why Modern Fighter Jets Still Have Guns

Why Modern Fighter Jets Still Have Guns | World War Wings Videos

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Not What You Think

Advanced fighter jets such as the F-22 and F-35 have missiles that can destroy enemies over 30 miles away while still beyond visual range. But why do they still carry guns?


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Both machine guns and planes go back to World War I. By the time WWII ended, they were starting to become unnecessary.

This is because of the invention of air-to-air missiles. It was thought that pilots could avoid dogfights – which could be deadly. 

In fact, the F-4 Phantom was designed without any internal guns. But then the war in Vietnam happened, and F-4 pilots suddenly found themselves in dogfights with enemy MiGs.

Without guns, they were helpless. This caused military leaders to add guns, including them in every fighter jet. 

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