WWII Pilot Reunited With His P-38 Lightning

WWII Pilot Reunited With His P-38 Lightning | World War Wings Videos

Jon Bowman

You Have To Love Stories Like This!

As of this writing, World War II ended over 70 years ago. Although this awful conflict took place relatively recently in the scope of world history, its weight seems to be fading with each passing day. Although we here at World War Wings love the history of the planes in particular, we do respect and try to keep the history of the entire war alive.

It’s sometimes really sad to hear how much people know, or actually don’t know, about what transpired during World War II. This is only getting worse with each passing moment and the only remaining survivors are dying daily; their stories with them.

The P-38 restored in this story is called White 33.

This is why we’re so happy every time we find a story like this one.

We’re not going to give you too much information in this article about it, as the video pretty much sums up the whole story in just a few minutes. It is incredible, however, that such a story even came to be, as the odds are pretty unlikely.

We’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the hero of this story (and the war), Franky Royal. As of this writing, he’s still making history and is truly a part of the “Greatest Generation.”

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