12 Awesome Animals From World War II That Will Show You A Different Side Of The War

12 Awesome Animals From World War II That Will Show You A Different Side Of The War | World War Wings Videos

These Moments Captured Soldiers When They Were Happy!

There’s no doubt about the fact that World War II, all wars as a matter of fact, are pure hell. Soldiers in all arms of the military were faced with unforeseen dangers, seen things no man ever should and lived with those moments for the rest of their lives. That’s why these pictures are so powerful. While not fighting for their countries and their lives, these were some of the better moments in between. Having a pet or a mascot made these brave men smile at least for a bit before heading back into danger, so lets take a look at the ‘better’ side of World War II.

1. This German Shepherd  Taking Center Stage (1940)


sr:H. F. Davis / PNA Rota / Getty Images

2. Scrappy The Dog And His Bomber Crew (1943)


 sr:M. McNeill / Hulton Archive / Getty Images


3. Coupie Was Known To Bid Farewell To All The Pilots In This Squadron


 sr:Reg Speller / Hulton Archive / Getty Images


4. This Bulldog Meant Business, But With That Face He Was Probably A Cuddler


sr:Fred Morley/Fox Photos / Getty Images


5. These Terriers Were Real Soldiers, Carrying Supplies With One Wearing A Gas Mask


sr:Fox Photos/Hulton Archive / Getty Images


6. This Proud Pooch Pointing At Captain Eric Stanley Lock’s Accomplishments


 sr:J. A. Hampton / Hulton Archive / Getty Images


7.This RAF Pilot Wins The Cutest Mascot Photograph With This Kitten


sr:Keystone / Getty Images


8. This Bulldog Named Venus Sure Meant Business (1941)


 sr:Lt. H W Tomlin / IWM via Getty Images


9. Hoy Was The Mascot Of A Brave Royal Navy Minesweeping Crew


sr:Arthur Tanner/Fox Photos / Getty Images


10. Meet Butch O’Brien, A Life Jacket Wrapped Spaniel Aboard A US Navy Ship.


sr:Hulton Archive / Getty Images


11. This Curious Mascot Wants To See What The Boys Are Looking At


sr: Fox Photos/Hulton Archive / Getty Images


12. This Cute Faced Puppy Is Making Sure Everything Is Looking Good Out There


sr:London Express / Getty Images


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