1944 WW2 Willys MB Jeep Start Up and Sound

1944 WW2 Willys MB Jeep Start Up and Sound | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / carbikenetwork

Ol’ Reliable

Willys MBs revolutionized the use of small military motor vehicles in the US Army. It rendered horses, and other daft animals obsolete almost immediately after its introduction to the military.

These jeeps could be fitted with .30 or .50-cal machine guns and further modified to fit other types of requirements. MBs were also used for long-range desert patrol, snow plowing, cable laying, and many more. 

Meanwhile, the jeep in the video might have been utilized for primary command and reconnaissance roles. Typically, these “variants” included SCR-193s (or future versions) placed on top of the rear wheel well. 

Though the uploader claims his jeep can still reach 62mph, its 78-year-old engine might say otherwise. Nevertheless, a test run wouldn’t have hurt!

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