4 Mustangs and 2 Corsairs- No Music

4 Mustangs and 2 Corsairs- No Music | World War Wings Videos

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This Might Be The Best Thing You’ll See All Day.

This is one of the best pieces of footage of vintage warbirds for numerous reasons. Aside from the fact that it features two of the best fighters of World War II, it is awesomely filmed as well. On top of that, this airshow included pyrotechnics and yes, you read that right. In one shot, these six warbirds fly in formation while the ground explodes in fire underneath them. Simply fantastic.

The names of the Mustangs are Quicksilver, Obsession, Swamp Fox and Angels Playmate.

This show was filmed at the Warbirds Over Monroe Airshow in 2013. Located in Monroe, North Carolina, this relatively small airshow does a great job at entertaining their spectators. With a great pyrotechnics show, they definitely keep historic aviation alive and keep people engaged. What’s more, the flying itself is fantastic. Those flybys in the video are great. Enjoy!

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