5 More Overlooked Planes Of WW2

5 More Overlooked Planes Of WW2 | World War Wings Videos

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There are plenty of overlooked planes during the Second World War. Here are some of them:

1. Curtiss-Wright CW-21

YouTube / History in the Dark

She was a fairly modern design and saw service during the war, first taking the skies on 1938. The CW-21 was powered by a single WR1 1820 G5 Cyclone 9-cylinder air-cooled radial piston engine that can deliver 850 hp and a maximum speed of 314 mph.

With its light construction, radial engine, low wing loading, limited pilot protection, and the significant lack of self-sealing fuel tanks, the CW21 was actually the Allied fighter that was most similar to most Japanese fighters at the time.

At the end of production, only 62 of these planes were constructed. 

4. Tupelov Tu-2

Wikimedia CC / Max Smith

This was a twin-engine Soviet high-speed daylight and frontline bomber plane that was tailor-made to meet a requirement for a high-speed bomber with a large internal bomb load and a maximum speed of 328 mph. 

It was generally considered the USSR’s second most important twin-engine bomber and was good enough to remain in service until 1950. 

3. Heinkel He 112

Wikimedia CC

This German fighter was one of four aircraft designed to compete for the 1933 fighter contract for the Luftwaffe. The He 112 came in second to the Bf 109. 

The plane had a maximum speed of 303 mph. Its performance during the war was limited by its numbers as only 103 were actually built. 

2. Macchi C.205 Veltro

Wikimedia CC / Paolobon140

This is an Italian plane that first flew on April 9, 1942. It was a highly impressive plane, matching the aircraft that the Allies had at that time in both speed and maneuverability. However, they were introduced late in the conflict and only 262 were produced. 

Italy’s highest-scoring ace, Adriano Visconti was able to achieve 11 of his credited victories in just a couple of weeks of flying this plane, which proves what a solid aircraft it is. 

1. Westland Welkin

YouTube / History in the Dark

It was a British two-engine heavy fighter that was designed specifically for flights at extremely high altitudes.

It was powered by two Rolls-Royce Merlin 76 V-12 piston engines rated for 1,233 hp each and can reach a maximum speed of 385 mph. It also had an impressive surface ceiling, flying as high as 44,000 feet. 

The plane was built in response to the Junkers Ju86s that were flying reconnaissance missions. It became an impressive aircraft of its day, but there was simply no need for it and only 77 were produced.

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