7 Badass A-10 Hog Art You’ve Never Seen

7 Badass A-10 Hog Art You’ve Never Seen | World War Wings Videos

Big Toothed Warthog


This one’s pretty standard, but it is pretty scary. The red eyes coupled with the massive fangs do instill fear in the hearts of its enemies. Angry looking from the front, it eats up its prey with its massive burp.

A Custom Paint Job Of The Hog


This one we’ve never seen before. It mimics the standard hog nose art, but as you see it’s painted on by hand. It looks pretty badass though right? Especially those eyes. Meaner than the red ones in our opinion.

The Shark Mouth A-10


These are pretty common too, but they’re awesome. We figure the tradition of painting these on came out of World War II. The Flying Tigers (as their name suggests) used to paint similar art work on their P-40 Warhawks. Either way, intimidating it is.

The Angry Hog


This is one of our favorites. Just like the first hog you saw in this slideshow, this one has more detail. The hairy head and ears folded back really make this thing look more aggressive. Great job to whoever drew this up.

The Realistic Hog


This on is a combination of the previous ones. The eyes are more realistic as is the mouth, all coupled with a nice colored nose. Not one of our favorites, but still pretty neat looking.

A Spin On All Of Them


This A-10 is a mixture of the first one and the one just before this. It’s half realistic and half cartoony, but hey, tell us it doesn’t bring the point across. This face with a GAU-8 sticking out screams death of any target in front of it.

Best For Last–The Snake Head


This one we tracked down for you. The most original of them all, the snake head belongs to the 122nd Fighter Wing. Nicknamed the “Blacksnakes,” these guys are based out of Fort Wayne Air National Guard Base, Indiana.



The reason we all love the Warthog is because it’s an airframe for this thing. The GAU-8 rotary cannon. Spraying and average of 72 massive bullets a second, it pulverizes anything in front of it.

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