A Realistic RC AV-8B Harrier

A Realistic RC AV-8B Harrier | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Joel & Melanie Vlashof

Real or CGI?

Technology truly has come a long way; just take this video by Joel & Melanie Vlashof, for example. In the video, the AV-8B Harrier performed its usual routine we’re all familiar with. 

Though it might look like an actual RC aircraft, this model was actually taken from a flight simulator. The seamless retraction of the landing gears at the start would have probably given it away to some people. You can also see its wheels clip off the ground at the 2:12 mark after it lands vertically.

Nevertheless, this video is a great demonstration of how realistic RealFlight RC simulators can get. It can genuinely capture the feeling you get when you see real Harriers show what they were designed to do.

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