This Is The UNLIKELY Result After The Pilot Ejected

This Is The UNLIKELY Result After The Pilot Ejected | World War Wings Videos


You Seriously Can’t Make This Up!

This is the story of the “Corn Field Bomber,” but as the pilot explains, it should have become the story of the “Wheat Field Fighter.” You’re confused we know, but we’ll get to that part in the video.

On February 2nd, 1970, Major Gary Foust took off in his F-106 Delta Dart along side his two wingmen. They were conducting a dogfighting exercise in which his wingmen were supposed to be the opponents. Getting into “vertical scissors” with one of them at about 40,000 feet, Foust’s Delta Dart got into a flat spin from which he could not recover.

F-106 Delta Dart were all-weather interceptor aircraft from the 60s to the 80s.

At about 8,000 feet, his wingmen told him to eject to which he of course complied. The ejection went smoothly without a hitch, Faust landing safely a distance away.

As for the plane, he thought that it crashed. There was really no other option if you think about it. When in a flat spin, delta type aircraft have an even harder time recovering, so being unmanned after the ejection would point to a certain fireball. That was not the case though.

Check out the video and let Foust tell you what happened later. It’s actually an incredible story.

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