Artillery Brigade Unleashes 21-Gun Salute To Honor President Bush

Artillery Brigade Unleashes 21-Gun Salute To Honor President Bush | World War Wings Videos

10th Mountain Division

Climb to Glory.

The nation mourns the loss of President George H. W. Bush who passed away recently at age 94. Remembered for his time as President heroism in WWII, ending the Cold War and victory during the Gulf War. To remember his service, divisions of the military have stepped forward to pay tribute to the fallen leader.

The 10th Mountain Division operated out of Fort Drum, New York observed a National Day of Mourning for President Bush. In honor of his life, the 10th Mountain Division’s field artillery regiment held a 21-gun salute at noon.

“He was the commander-in-chief so I think that’s just part of our history, part of tradition. We have to honor those presidents once they pass away so it’s a huge honor for our guys to do it.”

– 1st Sergeant Joseph Rapp (3-6 Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team)

(Photo by Cynthia Johnson/Liaison)

All was quiet on at Fort Drum as soldiers stood remaining still, snow collecting on their uniforms. The silence on the cold mountain was shattered by the thunderous echo of artillery fire resonating again and again. The tribute to President Bush can be seen in this short clip from the 10th Mountain Division.

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