AXALP 2021 The Greatest AvGeek Show on Earth

AXALP 2021 The Greatest AvGeek Show on Earth | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Elwyn R

One of the Greatest Airshows Ever

Officially known as the Fliegerschiessen Axalp, which translates to Air Force Live Fire Axalp, is a live training exercise of the Swiss Air Force to which the public is invited. The event is held on the top of the mountains in the Swiss Alps, uphill from the ski town of Axalp.

For us, the maneuver done by the pilot at 1:16 is impressive, as it takes an inordinate amount of skills to do that. It’s also quite rare to see a live fire demo at an airshow. You have to hand it to the Swiss for putting on a good show. We love everything from the pilots, and the video footage, to the picturesque backdrop. Now, imagine watching all of this in person. Simply amazing!

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