B-2 Performs Fly-Over During Rose Parade

B-2 Performs Fly-Over During Rose Parade | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Sean McGartland


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a B-2 bomber in the wild! This B-2 stealth bomber made its return in the skies of Pasadena, leaving spectators wide-eyed.

YouTube / Sean McGartland

According to Air Force officials, their plan was to fly from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and head west towards California. Once in California, they will have to refuel just off the coast before traveling back to the Rose Bowl game. Once the “mission” is complete, they’d have to return to base.

That means they would miss the game – including the pilot, Major. “Thunder” Beck, which is an alumnus of the University of Alabama!

YouTube / Sean McGartland

Nevertheless, seeing the B-2 this up close and personal has to be one of the best feelings for the spectators. The grounding of the B-2 fleet in 2023 because of safety concerns probably garnered more attention to this year’s B-2 flyover.

The roar of the magnificent B-2 bomber has got to be worth a thousand smiles!

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