Bombs Blastings As Vintage Warbirds Fly Low

Bombs Blastings As Vintage Warbirds Fly Low | World War Wings Videos

California Capital Airshow

Big Boom.

Air shows are always a lot of fun but every once in a while it is nice to shake things up. The California Capital Airshow in Rancho Cordova really knows how to put on a show and shake things up. Not only did they bring in a huge group of vintage warbirds but they fly during a simulated WWII bombing.

“Established in 2004, the California Capital Airshow has become one of the largest and highly respected shows in the nation. As part of its community relations, the non-profit organization awards scholarships to deserving students from the region with an interest in aviation, aerospace, aeronautics and STEM-related fields. The California Capital Airshow strives to honor our past while inspiring our future leaders to do great things.”

Immense crowds line up to see the flybys and the bombings from the California Capital Airshow. The sun is shining, the planes are flying and the bombs are blasting loud and big. Honestly what more could you ask for in this awesome clip that is sure to please the fans?

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