C-130 Fails Landing With Rockets

C-130 Fails Landing With Rockets | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / MechDesignTV

Demo Flight Failure

What you see here is a secretly modified Lockheed C-130 Hercules, designated as the XFC-130H. Under Operation Credible Sport, three C-130s were modified in the 1980s to prepare for a rescue mission in Iran. 

YouTube / Crediblesport

The modifications included the addition of rocket engines to make the Hercules STOL-capable. As a result, the XFC-130H was fitted with 30 rockets in multiple sets. 

Eight rocket motors were mounted around the forward fuselage to stop the aircraft, another eight pointing downward to brake its descent, and another eight rockets pointing rearward for takeoff assist.

YouTube / Crediblesport

Two more Shrike rockets were mounted in pairs on both wing pylons to correct the yaw during takeoffs, and two ASROC rocket motors could be found on the tail to prevent striking the ground.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the demonstration flight was a failure.

YouTube / Crediblesport

During the test, the flight engineer got blinded by the rockets and fired the lower set earlier than expected. The plane quickly dropped to the runway, breaking the starboard wing between its engines. 

YouTube / Crediblesport

Luckily, no one was injured, as the crash response team extinguished the fire in under ten seconds.

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