F-16 Barrel Roll In Another Pilot’s Perspective

F-16 Barrel Roll In Another Pilot’s Perspective | World War Wings Videos

YouTube/ MartinGarrix

Crazy, Mind-blowing Stunts

This clip shows an F-16 doing an awesome barrel roll caught from another pilot’s perspective. In a nutshell, barrel rolls happen when a pilot, while flying straight forward, does a full axial rotation of their plane.

One wing usually turns over, circles all the way around, and briefly returns to the starting rotation. Meaning, the pilot momentarily has to be upside down, before flipping the way over. Pretty cool if you ask us, and definitely one of the craziest things we’ve seen, ever!

This type of roll is a great way to have fun in a pilot’s otherwise dangerous and stressful job. The other pilot who witnessed this stunt looked mind-blown, and we are- too. What do you think about this crazy barrel roll caught on camera?

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