The Most Impressive Aircraft In The World Of Aviation

The Most Impressive Aircraft In The World Of Aviation | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Red Bull Motorsports

Rare Aircraft

According to Raimund Riedmann, a Flying Bulls chief pilot, the Flying Bulls’ P-38 has lots of power especially when it was converted into a racing aircraft. It was more streamlined and much quicker than the original. It also was one of the most stunning and well-maintained Lightnings there is. Overall, it’s a graceful plane both on the ground and in the air.

YouTube / Red Bull Motorsports

The maximum speed of the aircraft is 760 kilometers per hour, and the plane used to be famous in the US as the White Lightning. It’s also powered by two Allison V-12 engines with approximately 1,600 horsepower each.

YouTube / Red Bull Motorsports

It’s also the only P-38 in Europe and one of the only ones that are still being used today. The plane is unique in all aspects and considered a rare beauty by many airplane enthusiasts.

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