Large RC Skyraider – Wings Fold And Everything

Large RC Skyraider – Wings Fold And Everything | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RCHeliJet

The Mini Skyraider

A remote-controlled warbird this majestic deserves exactly this kind of treatment. The view from the cockpit of that Skyraider must have been spectacular. But footage from the ground is enough to show the beauty of Switzerland. It’s surprising how high it could go for a remote-controlled plane. 

YouTube / RCHeliJet

Scale models of the Skyraider can cost upwards of $300. The attention to detail these RC planes possess is surely worth the money.

The amazing decals, striking colors, and the long wingspan – why it’s only worth $300 is a mystery. The 1600mm wingspan makes it a sturdier plane compared to the rest, especially during windy conditions. For ease of storage, its wings can also fold if needed.

YouTube / RCHeliJet

This warbird just demands your attention from the get-go. Watch it soar higher and higher while enjoying the view from the ground.

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