Hellcat Start-up Sounds Like a Beast

Hellcat Start-up Sounds Like a Beast | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Vintage Aviation News

A Well-Tuned Warbird

Hearing a Hellcat start up during a relatively quiet morning is such a treat. The 18-cylinder radial piston engine can really brighten up your mood! Its paint also looks to be maintained pretty well for an old warbird. You can really see how well taken care of these historic planes are by the crew. It looks brand new by the looks of it.

YouTube / Vintage Aviation News

Developed to counter the Mitsubishi Zero, this warbird still looks alive and well for its age. The Hellcat downed a total of 5,223 enemy aircraft – most than any other naval aircraft during the war.

YouTube / Vintage Aviation News

The work warbird enthusiasts go through just to preserve this beautiful plane is admirable. See for yourself how this aircraft can still kick ass 80 years after its inception. 

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