Huge Rc Corsair Belly Lands Like A Pro

Huge Rc Corsair Belly Lands Like A Pro | World War Wings Videos


As Gentle As Ever!

The reason we write about Rc planes on our page is because you guys really love them. For the most part. Flying these big warbirds requires a lot of piloting knowledge and finesse, so watching a skilled pilot fly one of these big boy toys is a real joy.

Not to mention that for some of us this would be as close as we’ll ever come to flying in one of our favorite warbirds. Be it a Corsair, Mustang or Lightning, just one hour in the back seat of the real thing costs thousands of dollars. For that amount you can build yourself a massive plane of your choice and although it’s not the same thing, it satisfies you for years, not just one hour.

Rc flying is a good alternative to flying the real thing, unless of course, you liquidate your 401K.

Unless something goes wrong of course.

This video shows what separates the men from the boys when it comes to Rc flying. The whole operation goes smoothly in the beginning and it’s all captured on camera. You’ll see this awesome sounding Corsair whiz through the air and handled like it should be. Then, the landing gear refuses to retract. Watch the video to see how gently the pilot lays her down. It’s quite impressive.

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