Infographic Shows Top Speeds Of WWII Planes

Infographic Shows Top Speeds Of WWII Planes | World War Wings Videos


This Is Pretty Neat.

So it’s that time again. We’ve listened to you suggestions when we made one of our earlier infographics and came out with this one.

After comparing the sizes of World War II bombers, some of you folks suggested we should make a chart about the top speeds of World War II fighter planes. So, here it is.

For the sake of clarity, we chose only the most known warbirds from all sides of the war. Also, as these planes had many variants, we picked the versions that were produced in the greatest numbers.

The Spitfire, for example, went through a few engine changes, ending up with the Griffon. Although some of these variants (called Spiteful) reached 494 MPH, only 19 of them produced. That doesn’t accurately represent the overall Spitfire, so we went with the good ol’ Merlin engine which most of them used.

Hope you find this fun and educational.

Again, if you have any cool ideas or suggestions about how to make these infographics better, shoot us a line on Facebook. We want to make these things as informational and shareable as possible so that people who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in this warbird stuff might actually find it awesome. We know we all do.

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