Jay Leno’s Tank Car | M47 Patton Tank Engine

Jay Leno’s Tank Car | M47 Patton Tank Engine | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / MyClassicCarTV

The Tank Car

Take a look at what Jay Leno has in his garage. It is a 20ft long behemoth of a car that is almost as wide as a lane. The “Blastolene Special” as some might call it, has another more recognizable name, the “Tank Car”.

YouTube / MyClassicCarTV

What makes this car special is its engine. The engine came from an M47 Patton tank. It is a 2000lb beast that can put out 810hp and 1590 lb-ft of torque. It also has a giant Stromberg carburetor on the side.

YouTube / MyClassicCarTV

After purchasing it, Leno had to make a lot of changes to make it roadworthy. Rear brakes, a new gearbox, chassis repairs – he really wanted to make this one work.

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