Lets Get Greasy With The Grease Gun!

Lets Get Greasy With The Grease Gun! | World War Wings Videos

Better Than The Thompson Submachine Gun?

The M3 Submachine Gun was designed by George Hyde in 1942. As compared to the “Thompson” series, this one was lighter, easier to operate and more accurate not to mention cheaper to produce. Because of its similarity in general appearance to a mechanic’s grease gun, it’s often referred to as “The Greaser” or “The Grease Gun.” It was further developed into another variation which is the M3A1 which simplified the production process of its predecessor.

The gun used metal stamping and pressing, spot welding and seam welding extensively in its construction, reducing the number of man-hours required to assemble a unit. Only the barrel, bolt and firing mechanism were precision machined.

The only safety in the M3 is the hinged ejection port dust cover and there was no mechanical way to disable the trigger. However, the main issue associated with this weapon is its round magazine. Loading it by hand was proven to be difficult and the structure allows it to be be easily jammed with dust or dirt. Even when only slightly damaged or bent, its design just made it susceptible to feed malfunctions which is why plastic dust caps were eventually issued later on.

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