The Lowest A-10 Flyby Ever Recorded Will Make You Duck

The Lowest A-10 Flyby Ever Recorded Will Make You Duck | World War Wings Videos

What This Calls For Is A Solid “Wow.”

We’re going to get right down to it. This video might not be of the best quality, but the flyby is. There are only a few things more exciting than an extremely low flyby, but when you get a buzz cut by an A-10, it’s definitely up there.

While “surfing the internet,” we came across this little gem. Uploaded way back when in 2008, this video will make you realize how far we’ve come when it comes to technology. The resolution is crappy. About 240p (if you still remember that.) Also, for whatever reason there is no sound, so you won’t get to hear that all familiar whine. Still, this video is awesome.

We figure that a bunch of grunts were hanging around the runway when they were bored. As you’ll see, after they get buzzed you get a quick glimpse of what looks like a humvee. We could be wrong, but that’s our gut feeling.

Either way, even though this might look like a takeoff kept low, this video is awesome. The pilot kept his hog extremely low and we’re sure the guys on the ground will never forget it.


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