M61 Vulcan, GAU-8 Avenger (A-10’s Famous Gatling Gun) Test Fire

M61 Vulcan, GAU-8 Avenger (A-10’s Famous Gatling Gun) Test Fire | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / AiirSource Military

Surprisingly Accurate

The highly-regarded M61 Vulcan and GAU-8 Avenger underwent a couple of test fires at the Hill Air Force Base. And after a deafening round of “BRRRRRRRRT!” from each one, it soon became clear that both of these guns were terrifyingly accurate. 

YouTube / AiirSource Military

The 20mm M61 Vulcan is an American rotary cannon well-known for its high rate of fire. It has also been the standard gun armament for American jet aircraft for many years since it was first introduced. At 6,000 rounds per minute, it could easily tear apart air and ground targets.

YouTube / AiirSource Military

Meanwhile, the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger achieved a rate of fire of 3,900 rounds per minute. Its gun system was specifically designed to serve as close air support for the United States Air Force. Most notably, the Avenger is used by the iconic A-10 Thunderbolt, allowing the aircraft to dominate the skies if needed.

Which do you think is better between the two?

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