The 10 Most Beautiful Military Jets Ever Made

The 10 Most Beautiful Military Jets Ever Made | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Ward Carroll

This list ranks the ten most beautiful aircraft jets using the “Mooch Tally”, a proprietary algorithm that uses data to determine the rank of the airplane based on Beauty, Operational Performance, and Subscriber Input: 

10. Su-27 Flanker

Originally designed by the Soviet Union for long-range bomber missions, it earns points for its operational performance for how it evolved into an attack platform apart from being a capable fighter. Its basic design was aerodynamically similar to the MiG-29 only larger. It features a semi-delta design with the tips cropped for missile rails or ECM pods. 

It also has a tailed delta wing configuration which retains the usual horizontal tail planes. It has an overall Mooch Tally (MT) of 17. 

9. F-104 Starfighter

Designed by Lockheed’s Kelly Johnson, who was behind numerous iconic planes in that era, this was an interceptor with a thin fuselage and short ultra-thin wings designed to go fast in a straight line. 

It was the first production jet to reach Mach 2 with an altitude of 100,000 feet and in 1958, held the record for speed, altitude, and time to climb. It’s sleek and its shape makes it look agile. Overall, it had an MT of 18.

8. B-58 Hustler

The Hustler was designed for one thing – to deliver a single nuclear weapon deep into the Soviet Union while outrunning Russian interceptors.

The original mission design and silver shine of its aluminum fuselage give it the good looks of a classic muscle car. The Hustler has an MT of 19. 

7. F-22 Raptor

YouTube / Ward Carroll

The Raptor was introduced in the 2000s replacing the aging F-15 Eagle that came with fifth-generation technology such as stealth low observable and vector thrust nozzles giving the jet unprecedented dogfighting abilities.

The Raptor’s MT is 20.

6. B-1 Lancer

YouTube / Ward Carroll

The B-1 B is a beautiful jet – its low observable design giving it graceful curves along the leading edges and its sleek lines across the length of its fuselage. It is most beautiful airborne, with the swing-wing swept fully out. 

At the turn of the century, the jet became a long-range altitude precision strike platform that was utilized in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for close air support. Overall, it has an MT of 22.

5. F-4 Phantom 

YouTube / Ward Carroll

This legendary plane is the most produced American supersonic military aircraft in history. It was the workhorse of the US military for both fighter and attack roles during the Vietnam War.

The plane has sharp lines across its long nose and spine of the fuselage as well as a signature upward of the wingtip and downward slant of the horizontal stabilizers. Phantom’s total MT is 24.

4. F-15 Eagle

YouTube / Ward Carroll

While the Eagle is relatively large for a fighter, it was also light and well-powered.

Its wing and fuselage design allowed excellent maneuverability which made it a tough opponent in the air to air arena.

3. F-16 Fighting Falcon

YouTube / Ward Carroll

The F-16 utilized technologies that were leading edge at that time such as fly-by-wire flight controls as well as a control stick that was mounted on the right side of the cockpit instead of between the pilot’s legs.

Its sharp lines give the jet a look that’s as new today as it was 50 years ago. The total MT tally is 26. 

2. SR 71 Blackbird

YouTube / Ward Carroll

The jet was given the nickname Blackbird because of its uniquely avian shape and dark fuselage. There’s nothing else quite like it.

The Blackbird flew reconnaissance missions over North Vietnam starting in 1968. SR-71s also used very loud sonic booms to rattle the windows around Hanoi and raise the spirits of American POWs. The Blackbird’s MT is 27.

1. F-14 Tomcat

YouTube / Ward Carroll

The plane’s curb appeal parked on the ramp is second to none and it has a swing wing swept all the way out to 68 degrees – the kind of look air show photographers dream about.

In fact, the Tomcat had Hollywood-grade looks that made the original Top Gun film a hit 38 years on and stole the show in the sequel, Top Gun Maverick.

The Tomcat’s total MT is 29, which ranks it at the top of the list. 

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