Why The B-1 Is The Most Powerful Bomber Ever Built

Why The B-1 Is The Most Powerful Bomber Ever Built | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Sam Eckholm

The B-1 Lancer is an aircraft that has the speed of a fighter jet, the payload of a bomber, and the looks of a transformer. 

Here’s why it’s considered one of the most powerful bombers ever built: 

1. It’s capable of flying at supersonic speeds upwards of Mach 1.2 

YouTube / Sam Eckholm

It’s also equipped with four rocket-ship-like engines with fire emitting afterburners. 

2. It’s highly maneuverable

Even if it weighs a staggering 400,000 pounds, it can roll upside down and fly inverted. 

3. This plane can carry the biggest conventional payload of any US strike asset at 75,000 pounds

This allows the crew to perform global strike missions, putting air power anytime, anywhere. The things that set this plane apart from its contemporaries are its speed, maneuverability, and payload. 

YouTube / Sam Eckholm

It’s also a 1.2 Mach capable jet, and with the wingspan, the crew can pull 3Gs, and carry a 75,000 payload. 

4. Its variable swept wings are one of its most iconic features 

The B-1 was built with variable swept wings. Meaning, that the wings can actually move and reposition themselves during flight. This is the same feature that you might recognize in a fighter plane like the F-14 Tomcat. 

YouTube / Sam Eckholm

For the B-1 that has missions that require it to go fast and slow, be able to maneuver, and have high stability, flexibility in the wing configuration allows massive advantages to various missions the jet can perform. 

5. It’s fitted with incredible fighter jet-like engines at the back of a bomber

Each engine makes about 15,009 pounds of thrust, which is the highest power setting out of an afterburner.

YouTube / Sam Eckholm

It’s roughly around 120,000 pounds of thrust in full afterburner. 

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