A Movie About WWII’s Worst Navy Disaster Just Came Out And The Reviews Are In

A Movie About WWII’s Worst Navy Disaster Just Came Out And The Reviews Are In | World War Wings Videos

Brian Kelly

Why Does This Almost Always Happen?

Don’t you hate it when you wait and wait and wait for something that you’re extremely excited about, only to be let down and left feeling stupid you had high hopes in the first place? Well, this is what happened last Friday.

The movie is called USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage. We showed you pretty neat trailer of it when we first heard about it (that was almost a year ago, hence the waiting) but if you haven’t seen it we included it at the bottom of this post.

For those of you who don’t know the synopsis, let us just give you a quick overlook.

In 1945, a cruiser called USS Indianapolis was traveling in the Philippine Sea returning from delivering nuclear bomb parts that were later used in the bombing of Hiroshima. They got hit by a torpedo however and the men who did not go down with the ship were stranded for 5 days. What happened to them during that time was horrific and that’s what most of the story is about.

Although a very well intentioned movie, the end result was not. Here are some reviews from IMDB as well as RottenTomatoes:

One can’t help but be mortified for Cage. A bargain-basement would-be WW2 epic with hilariously poor CGI and an abysmal script.

Full Review… | October 14, 2016

Men of Courage is not meant to be anything more than a generic mid- budget war movie with sharks, but it underdelivers even if you keep your expectations low. The script follows historical events pretty closely, but writing has lots of flaws, and romantic storyline is disappointing. Nicolas Cage gives a sensible performance, but his character doesn’t move anywhere from “good captain” cliché.-Alexander

I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t watch this film, although, I would defiantly say don’t pay money to see it, or have high expectations. The effects were not very impressive, nor the props, sets, etc. it had a fake feeling about it. It was produced to the effect of being historical, but it seemed to skip important points, and embellish others.-deathhawk

One piece of advice. Don’t go see it in the theaters, it’s really a waste of money. If you happen to catch it on TV in the future however, watch it and judge for yourself. It’s not unwatchable and it does in some way represent actual events which were horrific, so give it a shot just so maybe you can appreciate the Greatest Generation even more.

The photo on the cover of this post is actually a shot from the movie. The Catalina was used during filming and we just found out it met a tragic end too while being used on the set. More on that soon once we dig up some facts.

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