Why Top Gun Didn’t Use F-35s

Why Top Gun Didn’t Use F-35s | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / NightHawk Veterans

Its Just Too Good?

We all know how advanced the F-35 Lightning II is. This aircraft features advanced stealth technology and mixes it with its supersonic capabilities, allowing its pilots to have unmatched lethality and survivability.

Wikimedia CC / Airman 1st Class Zachary Foster

So why was it not used in the Top Gun: Maverick movie? It’s simple. It would have made the movie BORING to watch!

Tony “Brick” Wilson, a retired Navy pilot and current F-35 test pilot, said it best.

“The reason Top Gun didn’t use the F-35 was because it would have made the movie boring. They would have launched off the carrier, they would have picked their way through the threat, they would have put the bomb on the target and come back undetected.”

Wikimedia CC / Heath Cajandig

Due to how advanced its technologies are, the F-35s have rendered dogfighting obsolete. The aircraft can identify almost anything that’s out there, shoot it down without the enemy knowing it was even there, and then return safely like it was nothing!

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