Resurrecting The Hawker Typhoon RB396

Resurrecting The Hawker Typhoon RB396 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Hawker Typhoon RB396

The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group, a charitable organization run by volunteers, is aiming to raise the funds required to rebuild “RB396” – a Hawker Typhoon Mklb.

During WWII, RB396 flew over 35 sorties in Europe in four months. On April 1945, this aircraft was hit by intense flak which forced Flight Lieutenant House to make a forced landing on the Dutch-German border. House managed to return to his squadron days later, but RB396 was left alone and became one of the many battlefield relics littered all over Europe.

RB396’s surviving rear fuselage from HTPG

Today, however, HTPG is trying to repair the fighter with a projected cost of anywhere between $5 to $6 million. Though costs might be high, the group is adamant about rebuilding the historic aircraft. 

“There were over 1200 young men and women who flew the Hawker Typhoon during WWII, 56% of them made the ultimate sacrifice. There is no memorial to these brave young men and women, the thousands of ground crew and support staff who kept the machines operating, nor to those who designed, built, tested, and delivered the aircraft. “

We wish them the best!

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