101-Year-Old Veteran Loops Legendary WW2 Aircraft

101-Year-Old Veteran Loops Legendary WW2 Aircraft | World War Wings Videos

A Day To Remember

While most centenarians would rather celebrate with their families for their birthdays, this WWII veteran pilot decided to celebrate his by returning to the skies. Now 101 years young, Bernard Gardiner last flew the Hawker Hurricane 80 years ago during the war. 

However, that didn’t stop the veteran from climbing aboard the two-seat Hawker Hurricane for his 101st birthday. According to the uploader, this flight was given as a thank-you from the Hawker Preservation Group for Gardiner’s help in raising funds for another aircraft – the Hawker Typhoon.

The veteran pilot was all smiles during the whole flight, looking outside the Hurricane’s windows and reminiscing his memories – “Oh, all the good ones”, the veteran exclaimed.

This wasn’t just a normal flight either. In the middle of it, the Hurricane pilot looped the aircraft which made Gardiner all the more excited. Just look at how happy he was!

What a day that must have been for him.


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