US Air Force Rethinking AC-130J Ghostrider’s 105mm Cannon

US Air Force Rethinking AC-130J Ghostrider’s 105mm Cannon | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Defense Air Force

Rethinking The Ghostrider

The AC-130J Ghostrider’s infamous 105mm cannon’s days may be numbered. The US Air Force has been reevaluating the use of the Howitzer after the end of the Afghanistan War, with the Special Operations Command now shifting focus on America’s other adversaries such as China.

YouTube / Defense Air Force

This potentially huge change could even include adding small cruise missiles, AESA radars, and other upgrades to the Ghostrider. Adding missiles would allow the AC-130J to strike fixed and mobile targets at a safer distance, while the faster and more sensitive radar could allow for better target tracking.

Wikimedia CC / Joint Base San Antonio

Even though combat has changed since the Afghanistan War, the US Air Force is not in a hurry to make any drastic changes with the Ghostrider. Even if they wanted to, they still wouldn’t have the funds to remove or replace the massive cannons on the AC-130J. For now, the 105mm cannon is here to stay for at least until 2026!

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