Why this Bomb Group is getting their own TV show

Why this Bomb Group is getting their own TV show | World War Wings Videos

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One of the most famous bomb groups of WWII is the 100th Bomb Group, also known as the ‘The Bloody Hundredth.’ In fact, the air crew’s experiences will be featured in an upcoming war drama this year, the Masters of the Air (2024).

Not Noteworthy?

For some, the 100th Bomb Group may have won numerous awards, but they’re not really statistically noteworthy, as other bomb groups won more awards than them. They also didn’t break the record of flying the most missions, dropping the most bombs, or suffering the most casualties. But what made them special? 

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In May 1943, there was a Special Order that directed the aircrews of the 100th Bombardment Group to start their journey to England. After months of training, they’re finally a part of the Eight Air Force, which by this time, had been waging daylight bombing campaigns on targets in occupied Europe for nine months and had paid a heavy price. 

Major Losses

The group suffered major losses in combat. By the 14th of October, exactly 109 days after their initiation into aerial warfare, 27 of the original 35 crews had been lost and the Bloody 100th legend had been born. 

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Approximately 177 aircraft were missing in action and the Bomb Group eventually flew its last mission on the 20th of April, 1945. 

Other Purposes

The 100th Bomb Group was also involved in one of the strangest incidents of the air war creating a double-decker B-17. Also, between the 1st and 7th of May 1945, the B-17s of the 100th dropped supplies instead of bombs into occupied Holland to relieve the starving population. 

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Many veterans of what was code-named the “Chowhound” missions described it as their most satisfying contribution, as they could see the Dutch people waving on the streets, some even spelling out ‘thank you’ in tulips.


All in all, the legend of the Bloody 100th was not born by the number of their losses-as high as were, but by the concentration of casualties over a handful of missions. 

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Even today, the legacy of the 100th Bomb Group lives on. The 100th Air Refueling Wing based in Suffolk has inherited the name the Bloody 100th ensuring that the losses of the war will continue to be remembered. 

YouTube / Imperial War Museums

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