This Time-lapse Of A 30-Hour P-51 Model Build Is Oddly Satisfying To Watch

This Time-lapse Of A 30-Hour P-51 Model Build Is Oddly Satisfying To Watch | World War Wings Videos

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Chances are that if you you’re following us here at World War Wings, you’ve build a model airplane before. We’d even wager you’ve built more than one as back in the days of no phones with endless possibilities in our pockets you just had to keep busy. What better way to do so than painstakingly cutting out tiny plastic parts and painting them a few different colors?

To reminisce the good ol’ days, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to build one of these aircraft we did when we were kids. To start, we pickup up the Cadillac of the sky a.k.a. P-51 Mustang and we have to say it was a blast to build although our patience was slightly lacking at some parts. Those are the joys of being an adult we guess.

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Doing a quick internet search we found a Revell kit on Amazon and quickly bought a 1:48 scale Mustang called Big Beautiful Doll. 30 hours later we were done and quite happy with the result.

Picture of the real Big Beautiful Doll at an airshow in Birmingham, UK. | Tony Hisgett / Public Domain

Since we obviously wouldn’t expect you to watch all that footage, we’ve fast forwarded the entire process quite a bit, ending up with a fun, 2 minute video showcasing our aging skills of putting one of these together. 

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Putting Together A P-51-Timelapse

Remember doing this as a kid? We managed to do this in 10 hours! (y)

Posted by I Love WWII Planes on Monday, September 10, 2018

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