Twin MG-42’s Shoots Down RC Planes

Twin MG-42’s Shoots Down RC Planes | World War Wings Videos

The Badass Buzzsaw

Do you know what’s better than the classic German MG42? It’s two MG42s – yes, it can’t get any better than that. It’s a beast of a firearm and there’s just so many things to love about it – from the simplicity of the design and ease of operation to its durability, reliability and high volume of suppressive fire. You NEVER want to be on the receiving end of this bad boy. That’s just a very big NOPE.

Check out the Youtube channel: TAOFLEDERMAUS for more!

It’s no wonder why it’s well-loved by its users. Seriously though, who wouldn’t love using this? And it basically earned the respect of its opponents. It’s an insanely fine firearm. Yep, these guys are having so much fun and we’re just jealous of them. This is probably the only reason why we would want to be filthy rich. We definitely wouldn’t mind spending our weekends exactly like this. They surely know how to have a good time!

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